First afternoon


26 June
3:47 pm

The FoodScoop

Phoebe had all her lunch. Ariel was already on the catio, so I closed Phoebe inside while she ate. Ariel only had a little bit of hers. I removed her dish to prevent Phoebe from eating it up. About an hour later, I offered Ariel her dish again, and she had a little bit more. When she lost interest, I took the dish away again.

The LitterScoop

No activity yet.

Phoebe has already won my heart. Ariel has been hiding, but is slowly becoming more comfortable. She is watching the garden birds. The heater and blanket is on for Phoebe.

One thought on “First afternoon

  1. Different league hotel -totally in a class of its own! Next level service and feedback!
    My precious babies will never go anywhere else but Tortoiseshell – complete piece of mind!
    What a professional service Theresa runs, so grateful for this place!

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